Jonathan Maberry

NY Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry crept into the Zombie Survival Crew Command Center in the dead of night… and stayed there. With a stack of his zombie novels under his arm—including the titles: Dead of Night, Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay, Patient Zero, Marvel Zombies Return, and Zombie CSU—he settled in to aid fellow zombie enthusiasts with his vast knowledge of all things undead.

Jonathan doesn’t just wield a dangerous pen, however. He has nearly fifty years of martial arts practice and use under his numerous black belts. In addition to that, thirty-five years of teaching self-defense to groups ranging from children to SWAT. That amount of skill is something to be utilized for the greater good of mankind. Coming to us from Pennsylvania, Jonathan will fight in the Zombiepocalypse as a Special Forces Commander within the ZSC.

Weapon of Choice: – As an instructor kenjutsu, Jonathan’s ready to wield a Paul Chen Kami Katana with deadly force against the shambling hordes.


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