Fantasy Crew League

Every so often your commanders spot someone that we feel absolutely, positively must be a part of the Zombie Survival Crew. And sometimes potential scouts just so happen to be completely fictional, much to our disappointment.

We put together a list of television and movie characters that receive honorable mentions from the ZSC command. Think of it as our wish list if the world turned inside out and fiction became reality.

Here they are (in no particular order…)

Admiral William Adama – Battlestar Galatica (2004-2009)

In one of the early episodes of Battlestar Galatica, Adama beat a Cylon to death with nothing more than a flashlight and his fists. Imagine the sort of damage he could do to the undead when properly armed. On top of that, he’s a pro at battle strategy, always valuable when staging an assault on an enemy as vast as ours.

Khal Drogo – Game of Thrones (2011- present)

We only saw the fierce Drogo engage in one fight on-screen, but it made a very permanent impression when he ripped his opponent’s tongue out…through his esophagus. Sometimes raw power and skill with a blade are all you need to catch our attention. He also gives excellent motivational speeches…if you speak Dothraki.

Zoë Warren-Washburne – Firefly (2002-2003) / Serenity (2005)

There is one moment that really sticks in our minds as far as Zoë is concerned. During a flashback in the Firefly episode “The Message”, they show a moment from the middle of the war. A fellow soldier is pinned down, panicking, and about to get a led injection. She walks in and calmly, coolly, cuts the throat of the enemy. Not much makes her panic. She is always levelheaded and thinks quickly to stay two steps ahead of anyone coming after her and the people she’s sworn to protect.

Han Solo – Star Wars Episodes 4-6

Who better to be our getaway driver than one of the galaxy’s best pilots? Okay, so he isn’t from this galaxy, but lets pretend here, folks. If he can make the Millennium Falcon move her tail feather, we have every faith that he can haul us out of the fire in a fully stocked and armored bus.

Legolas – The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Okay, you’ve caught on. We’re seriously not opposed to eye candy. But said eye candy must be a functional member of the crew. Legolas proved again and again in the films that he not only looks good staring off into the distance, but is also an excellent shot with a bow and knows his way around a blade as well as any of our commanders.

Hermione Granger – The Harry Potter series

Hermione is a character that, at first glance, doesn’t seem fit for survival in the Zombiepocalypse. However, dig a little deeper and one quickly realizes how necessary she really is. She’d be handy with a spell to save our collective backsides, and is steadfast—a friend you know without question will stay by your side until the end. She is highly intelligent and thinks outside the box, even when stressful situations nip at her heels.

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games (2012)

This is the epitome of a survivor—tough, capable, adapts to the world around her, and yet Katniss remains loving and loyal no matter what life throws her way. Not only that, but she isn’t afraid to stand on her own without looking to male assistance to get tough jobs done.

Allison Dubios – Medium (2005 – 2011)

A little psychic help for the ZSC? You bet your Aunt Fanny we’ll take assistance from the great beyond if it’ll alert us to zombie invasions before they happen! Alison can pair up with LK and her flux capacitor to give us plenty of forewarning about attacks.

Hellboy – Hellboy (2004)

We have here a man that really doesn’t need a weapon to dispatch zombies. One swing of his fist and there’d be rotting brains splattered everywhere. If Hellboy doesn’t want a hands-on approach, he does have an awfully impressive arsenal of weapons at his disposal. You think he’ll let us borrow a couple of them? Promise to give them back…

Selene – Underworld (2003)

Selene may have something going with her uniform of head-to-toe black vinyl. Not only does it look nice, but offers a little protection from teeth and possible infection from contact with fluids from zombie blood. Bet cleanup for the suit is a breeze, too. On top of her functional wardrobe, Selene is a slayer through-and-through. She utilizes her environment to track and contain her prey before moving in for a quick, humane kill.

Now it’s your turn. Which fictional characters from television and film do you think would make excellent additions to the Zombie Survival Crew? Tell us in the comments below.