Lora Lapoint

When our Commander-in-Chief started rambling around the country in her recruiting efforts, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for a security detail. The chief no sooner steps onto a convention floor when she is mobbed by walkers, aliens, and all other assorted threats. In attendance at many of the conventions and a proud member of the Yellow Brigade, Lora quickly stepped into role of head of security. Don’t let her sweet face and pleasant demeanor fool you — if you constitute a breach of security for the Zombie Survival Crew you will be immediately dealt with. If the situation cannot be contained through the use of a laser-like stare and a few choice words, Lora is primed and ready to launch an attack. And remember, she has at her disposal the army the chief has been building. Word to the wise? Don’t mess with this one — it’s a losing proposition. When not providing security against imminent threat, Lora is fantastic fun to be around.

Weapon of Choice: None other than the battle pike — which just goes to show how seriously she takes her job as head of security.


Proud Member of the Yellow Brigade

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