Commander Monday: The Oracle, L.K. Gardner-Griffie

LK3Logistical expert, webmistress, guru of all things technical and little flashy pointing thingies on the ZSC website, The Oracle sees all, hears all and knows all. Once an innocent writer of young adult novels, L.K. Gardner-Griffie’s role in the upcoming apocalypse is perhaps the most crucial of all. Without her wisdom, infinite knowledge and uncanny ability to translate the often-garbled incoming transmissions from other commanders, we would surely be lost in a maze of utter confusion and mayhem. While only those higher up the chain of command and several very privileged others have actually seen the Oracle with their own eyes, many of us have caught glimpses of her in various social networking locations, and some have even received the occasional top secret memo that changes the course of one’s destiny.


61Ct0489pnL._SX300_L.K. Gardner-Griffie is the author of  the award-winning Misfit McCabe series.  An avid blogger and mom to several four-legged children, she hails from the West coast although she is often infected with wanderlust. In another lifetime L.K. may have found herself belting out country music tunes for a living.  L.K.  is a woman of many passions and talents, and when the two are put together to take a stand against abuse, bullying, censorship and other issues that affect us all in some way or another, the possibilities are endless. She speaks up, shouts out and challenges us all to think before we act, and do what’s right no matter what the circumstances.

L.K. was recently interviewed by Christine Fonesca, and previously chatted with Lorna Suzuki at All Kinds of Writing. She has also been included as one of the featured authors on Publish or Bust. Purple brigade, salute your commander, and take heed of the shining example she sets for us all.



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