Commander Mondays: David Della Rocco

Whoever said nice guys always finish last clearly has never met Orange Brigade’s First Lieutenant David Della Rocco. Loyalty, generosity and compassion are words one might use to describe him. A winning smile and soft-spoken nature are enough to win over even the most critical… but one also cannot deny that a certain amount of mystery surrounds him, leading the imagination to fill in the rest.


David (aka “Rocco”) is an Italian-American comedian and classically trained actor. Hailing from Norwich, Connecticut, he currently resides in Los Angeles alongside many other ZSC commanders, further ensuring the safety of our Western shores in the dark days to come. Best known for his breakout role as the beloved Funny Man Rocco in the Boondock Saints series, David is a member of the Actor’s Studio, and  also an accomplished stage veteran who has appeared in numerous performances, including Glengarry Glen Ross at the Third Street Theatre and Freedom Frogs at the Lee Strasberg Theatre. Rocco has also appeared in Jake’s Corner and the critically acclaimed documentary film Off the Boulevard.


"Every time we have a function and there’s fans around I just really, really enjoy it. I’ll sign autographs and take pictures until my arm falls off. We have really, really great fans and I love them all."

It is a little known fact that Rocco is also a master of disguise, a talent that longtime childhood friend Troy Duffy made use of in 1990’s cult hit The Boondock Saints. The role of the Funny Man was written specifically for him, but this opportunity also allowed him to form early connections with future ZSC Commanders Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery. Another small piece of trivia was revealed during his recent attendance at Blood on the Beach – his preference for the classic architecture of the standard door system over that of the modern convenience of the revolving door.



Look for David Della Rocco in the upcoming film The Black Dove. He will also be appearing at Texas Frightmare Weekend next month, as well as Wizard World events in Philadelphia and Chicago this summer.

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