Commander Mondays: Sam Trammell

Thank you for your patience during this brief delay. The developing story out of Miami over the weekend resulted in a scramble for possible action and all Commanders have been duly notified. While the situation appears to be under control at the moment, we remain watchful and remind you all to keep your go-bags handy. Our members’ constant vigilance and reporting of any possible undead sightings shows their quality time and time again, and for this we thank you. We now return to our regularly scheduled Commander Monday feature.

This week’s Commander Monday feature brings us to another True Blood alumni, joining us fresh from the front lines of the battle against a small but not inconsiderable vampire presence among us. First Lieutenant Sam Trammell brings to the Zombie Survival Crew considerable experience with the undead as well a very unique and extremely rare talent – shapeshifting! Okay, so he doesn’t really transform into an adorable floppy-eared mutt at will, but his scruffy good looks, sweet disposition, intelligence, loyalty and undeniably sharp senses as well as considerable creative talents can only be a benefit to all in the dark days to come.



Sam Trammell is a native of West Virginia who attended Brown University before making his move onto the stage with his off-Broadway debut in Dealer’s Choice. Continuing onstage, he went on to appear in My Night With Reg and earned a Tony nomination for his part in the Broadway revival of Eugene O’Neill’s comedy Ah, Wilderness! Before landing the well-known role of beloved shape-shifter Sam Merlotte on HBO’s True Blood, Sam appeared in numerous television series, including TrinityGoing to California, Judging Amy, Dexter,  Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and A Drop of True Blood. Sam has also appeared in the critically acclaimed film Beat alongside fellow ZSC Commander Norman Reedus. Sam has also been seen in AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem, The Details, Fear of Fiction  and Guns, Girls & Gambling.

Coming soon:
Later this year, watch for Sam in the upcoming film Long Time Gone, and of course the anticipated return of True Blood on HBO.

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