Holiday Song Winner!

This is a tad delayed. We’d picked the winner once after the holiday’s were all safely packed away in the North Pole (a.k.a. the storage shed on the ZSC command compound) but Purple Brigade Commander LK got a little over-eager to play with the new modifications she made on her flux capacitor and, well . . . let’s just say some of us were forced to relive December in order to catch up with the rest of the world. Yes, we hid LK’s shiny new toy until she reads the 2000 page handbook that came with it.

Barring any other incidents, we’re finally ready to tell you guys who won the Holiday Song Contest. And it is . . .
Christina Bledsoe!


Congratulations, Christina! Here’s her song. Careful, it’ll get stuck in your head like a walker’s tooth.
Here Come’s Juliette, to the tune of “Here Come’s Santa Claus”

Here come’s Juliette
Here come’s Juliette
Right down zombie lane
Hacking and slashing
Killing zombies the whole fracking way
R.C. whooping, Jinxie hollering
“Get the one to your right”
So grab your duct tape and wrap your arms
Cuz the ZSC is coming tonight.

Here come’s Juliette
Here come’s Juliette
Right down zombie lane
She’s got a bag that’s filled with toys
For her and her brigade
She runs circles around those corpses
With a twinkle in her eye,
It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas cuz Juliette is coming tonight (spoken softly) “Elf ears and all”

There goes one head
Make that two heads
Right down to the ground
Mixed with visceral, blood and snow
Of the dead, “Oh My” She can’t refrain
From leading her people, on this mission
Of importance
So if you’re a zombie run away
Cuz Juliette comes tonight.
(Whisper names of ZSC members as the song fades out)