Commander Monday – Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff

Because we believe it is important to know exactly who will be leading you forward after the dead have begun to walk the Earth, The Zombie Survival Crew will be bringing you weekly updates with vital information regarding your commanders. This information is equally important to members and prospective members, because… well… because Our Fearless Leader SAID so, and she’s never wrong. Hang around for a while, you’ll see for yourself.

This week the Commander Monday spotlight once again returns to Red Brigade Commander Juliette Terzieff.

Able to leap the counter of a Starbucks in a single bound, more powerful than the Energizer bunny on a double-shot espresso, Juliette weaves the perfect balance of sass and class, compassion and humor, gentleness and strength. Most importantly, she never leaves home without crossbow in hand, and always knows exactly where to find a roll of duct tape.


Photo by Kelley Malott

We live in a world where challenging events appear to be accelerating in frequency. From hurricanes and earthquakes, and wars and terrorist attacks, to struggling economies and elevated unemployment rates, more and more people are looking to ensure they are prepared to survive. While the real-world events and fear that they cause are tragic, this reality also represents an opportunity for individuals to get more involved in protecting what they hold most dear. –Juliette Terzieff, Dark Media Magazine 9/14/2011 A former foreign war correspondent with combat training, journalist, fiction and non-fiction writer, public speaker, and self-described “avid monster freak from birth,” Juliette is a force to be reckoned with, and there is not a single person on the planet better suited to lead us forward in the coming days. Before the formation of the Zombie Survival Crew, Juliette could be found in various locations all over the world, including war zones in the Balkan, South Asian, and Middle East regions, flexing her journalist muscle to cover complex political, globalization and human rights issues. Her website will tell you that she is a public speaker who has covered a wide range of topics from human trafficking and child labor to American politics and international relations. We’ve read her in Newsweek and the San Francisco Chronicle, heard her live on CNN International and All American Talk Radio. Juliette has authored numerous newsletters for Smartbrief on development, humanitarian aid, public health concerns and international policy; and heads up the communications team for the Future 500, headquartered out of San Fransisco and Tokyo. She has been interviewed by Alternative Revolt (page 60-62), Dark Media City and The Throw Down with JB Maddawg.

Aside from her dedication to keeping us humans off the endangered species list, Juliette works in celebrity event management with fellow ZSC leaders Michael Rooker and many more. In response to the ever-growing demand for her talents, she recently launched the ZSC Entertainment website and has made several very notable additions to the talent lineup there.

At any given time, Juliette can be found attending conventions and events, keeping those under her watchful eye safe from the shambling hordes and constantly scouting for new recruits. In her spare time she writes ZSC command memos without the use of Spellcheck, makes the impossible probable and continues the endless battle against the daily to-do list.

Gear Up, Philly


A whole slew of Zombie Survival Crew commanders and sergeants-at-arms will be attending Wizard World Philadelphia on June 19-22nd. Your duty, brigadiers, is to ensure the undead hordes don’t find a way into the convention center. So grab your go bags and head on over.

Event Details

When: Thursday, June 19th through Sunday, June 22nd

Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center – Philadelphia, PA

Thursday – 3 pm – 8 pm
Friday – 12 pm – 7 pm
Saturday – 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday – 11 am – 5 pm

Commanders attending: Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Ming Chen, Michael Zapcic, and Juliette Terzieff

Sergeants at Arms attending: Amy Sundberg, Sarah Quattrocci, Kevin Gordon, Lora Lapoint


On the Road Again


From behind the zombie bunny cages of: RC Murphy

Actually, the title is slightly misleading. Some of your ZSC commanders are always on the road. Traveling from city to city to touch base with brigadiers not only across the United States, but world-wide at numerous conventions. This time around, four of us are converging on Phoenix, Arizona for Phoenix Comicon. The event begins on Thursday, June 5th at 4:00 PM inside the Phoenix Convention Center.

Yellow Brigade commander Jinxie G and Orange Brigade commander R.C. Murphy will be in attendance Thursday through Sunday for the event. You can find them at booth 793 throughout the weekend (coffee runs are one of a few exceptions to this). Red Brigade commander Juliette Terzieff and Special Forces Commander Michael Rooker plan to roll into Phoenix for Sunday only. Keep an eye out for them. Shouldn’t be too hard to find those two, right?

This is a huge event, and a first-time trip for some of us. If you plan to attend, make sure to come find us. Even if it’s to say hi. Mostly, we want to make sure everyone survives the insanity sure to follow once the convention doors open. Kinda like when someone opened a certain barn we all remember from that one show. You know, the one with the staggering, rotting folks on it. Catch our drift?

See you all in Phoenix!

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Beach Bum Comics and Chimichanga Talk bring to you the guide to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse! With Advice from the founder and Chief officer of the Zombie Survival Crew ( Juliette Terzieff and Orange Brigade commander and Head Research Officer R.C. Murphy. Insightful commentary from Chimichanga Talk’s Zombie correspondents Outhouse Billy and The Angry Scotsman. Special Guest Tips from the Talented writers Bobby Nash, Kevin Laporte, and Christopher Blue. Also a special message from Chimichanga Talk friend and “The Walking Dead” casualty, Lew Temple!

In the News: Oh. My. Gawd.

InTheNewsWhat’s in the news this week? Well, your Commanders have been quite busy, so we’ll give you the rundown…

Orange Brigade Commander R.C. Murphy has been busy with a book release over HERE.

Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G has been crazy busy with homework, editing, and working on THIS.

Green Brigade Commander IronE has been all kinds of busy HERE.

Purple Brigade Commander LK (aka the Oracle) has been up to THIS.

Light Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo is doing all sorts of things HERE.

Blue Brigade Commander Norman Reedus has been kicking a$$ and killing zombies on THIS and working on THIS.

We’ve lost track of the Commander-in-Chief. Someone grab some duct tape and quickly find her!!!

And can we talk about The Walking Dead 310? Oh. My. Gawd. The review will be up later this week.


Holiday Song Winner!

This is a tad delayed. We’d picked the winner once after the holiday’s were all safely packed away in the North Pole (a.k.a. the storage shed on the ZSC command compound) but Purple Brigade Commander LK got a little over-eager to play with the new modifications she made on her flux capacitor and, well . . . let’s just say some of us were forced to relive December in order to catch up with the rest of the world. Yes, we hid LK’s shiny new toy until she reads the 2000 page handbook that came with it.

Barring any other incidents, we’re finally ready to tell you guys who won the Holiday Song Contest. And it is . . .
Christina Bledsoe!


Congratulations, Christina! Here’s her song. Careful, it’ll get stuck in your head like a walker’s tooth.
Here Come’s Juliette, to the tune of “Here Come’s Santa Claus”

Here come’s Juliette
Here come’s Juliette
Right down zombie lane
Hacking and slashing
Killing zombies the whole fracking way
R.C. whooping, Jinxie hollering
“Get the one to your right”
So grab your duct tape and wrap your arms
Cuz the ZSC is coming tonight.

Here come’s Juliette
Here come’s Juliette
Right down zombie lane
She’s got a bag that’s filled with toys
For her and her brigade
She runs circles around those corpses
With a twinkle in her eye,
It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas cuz Juliette is coming tonight (spoken softly) “Elf ears and all”

There goes one head
Make that two heads
Right down to the ground
Mixed with visceral, blood and snow
Of the dead, “Oh My” She can’t refrain
From leading her people, on this mission
Of importance
So if you’re a zombie run away
Cuz Juliette comes tonight.
(Whisper names of ZSC members as the song fades out)

Blindsided by the Walking Dead

A few months ago, we were beyond giddy to find out Green Brigade commander IronE Singleton was working with ZSC Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff to write his official autobiography.

After a long wait, we finally have news about the book…and the cover!



Available for pre-order now! (


On the streets of Atlanta, the fight to survive is a daily battle.

From the drug-infested corners of one of the city’s worst housing projects, to alleyways filled with ravenous zombies– Blindsided by the Walking Dead examines one man’s battle to overcome the violence, drugs, and crime of the ‘hood; starting with a young IronE Singleton determined to succeed despite an abusive mother, an absent father, and the temptations of instant gratification inherent with the thug life.

Football and Faith in God become IronE’s allies in his quest to escape and help him reach for the lights of the University of Georgia’s football field and theater stages.

After years of struggle–failed businesses, small roles, and an ill-fated trip to Los Angeles–IronE snags his major breakthrough role, playing the kind of drug-dealing, gun-toting thug he would have become on the streets, in The Blind Side.

When he is cast as T-Dog on AMC’s international mega-hit “The Walking Dead”, IronE examines through art what humanity is about and what it means to truly survive against all odds. Alongside cast mates Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Andrew Lincoln, IronE fought, gagged, and sweat his way into the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

Contest – Holiday Contest Here

With the holiday season in full swing, things have been rather hectic around the command center. There is a blur of activity and secret shenanigans going on. We recently announced our new line of ZSC Reedus gear which we are all excited about and there’s more to come. I can’t say what ’cause the chief will have my kidneys cooked up as pie for Christmas dinner if I do, but we will be ringing in the new year in style. ‘Nuff said. We recently released our 2nd Annual Zombie Survival Crew Anthology — Undead Uncensored — and it’s something you should check out as soon as you have a chance. And I’ve put Commander Murphy’s army of zombie bunnies decorating the command center and let me tell you, should you drop by for some holiday cheer bring your sunglasses ’cause they like the bling as much as I do… or it could be that I told them the bling it up and forgot to issue the stop command and they just kept on going.

Needless to say we’ve had our hands full… then we realized we hadn’t had a contest in a while… so to help give everyone a bit of holiday cheer, Commander Murphy and I decided to cobble something together to bring everyone a bit of delight.


The rules are easy… take a holiday song – whether it be Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or anything else holiday-ish, and rewrite the lyrics to go with the pic below, and post the lyrics in the comments of this post by 12/26/12 @ 23:59 PS.T (11:59 PM for the non-military types). The prize is a brand, spankin’ new, shiny copy of Undead Uncensored. ***BREAKING NEWS*** the chief has stopped hunting me down in cold blood long enough to ADD a ZSC t-shirt to make it a prize pack. Wheeeee!!! Gotta run, now.

Need an example?? *shrugs* All right, I’ll give you a snippet (but you can’t use my lyrics so I won’t write very many)

To the tune of Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen, but do you recall…? The most famous elf of them all… JT the ZSC commander, had some very pointy ears…

Bonus points for anyone who can work duct tape or running in circles into the verse or refrain. What do you get for earning the bonus points? The knowledge that Commander Murphy and I won’t stop laughing until the New Year should we manage to escape the crossbow bolt for that long. That’s it. Off you go to make marvelous songs to give us all a bit of cheer.


Undead Uncensored Cover Reveal

From the mobile unit of ZSC Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff:

After months of anticipation the day has finally come when we can release the cover art for Undead Uncensored, the second Zombie Survival Crew anthology. This year’s anthology is a vibrant collection of short fiction, poetry and non-fiction pieces designed to help you get your zombie freak on and prepare for what we might all face if the zombipocalypse hits!

Undead Uncensored features the work of yours truly alongside other ZSC Commanders actor Michael Rooker, award winning author LK Gardner-Griffie, and authors Jinxie G, R.C. Murphy and Amy Sundberg. ZSC crew members including Wendy Sparrow, Jessica Capelle, Robin Sellman, Amber Revelt, Stephanie Allen, Christopher De Voss and many others contributed their artistic endeavors to this creeptastic collection!!

Undead Uncensored is already available for pre-order here and orders will begin shipping on December 1, 2012.

Now without further ado… (yes, you can stop holding your breath now)

The cover for Undead Uncensored

T-Dog Contest Winners

From the mobile unit of ZSC Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff:

We here at the Zombie Survival Crew are delighted to announce the individual winners for the T-Dog’s Next Line contest run by Green Brigade Commander IronE Singleton a.k.a. Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas in the run-up to the season 3 premiere of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead!!!!

We laughed. We cried. We cringed. The entries into the contest were amazing and we thank everyone who had such obvious fun coming up with lines for T-Dog!!

Though there were some great guesses, no one got close to the exact first line IronE spoke during the first episode, so the Grand Prize will go unawarded.

Selecting the winner in the funniest line and coolest line category was a challenge! It took us quite some time to reach consensus from the many, many wonderful suggestions. So without further ado…..

FUNNIEST Line Individual Winners:

Gold – @MaricaMullan – If I get bitten, will I become a dog walker?

Silver – @ViviBickell for the line: “If I have to eat any more squirrel, I’m going to sprout a damn tail and start collecting nuts for the winter.”

Bronze – @ZombieThon1 for the line: “Zoinks! That prison’s like totally overrun by zombies, Scoob…let’s get outta here!”

COOLEST Line Individual Winners:

Gold – @HugeRedSkinsFan for the line: “If I get bit put a bullet in my head because I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.”

Silver – @StalkingReedus for the line: “I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Bronze – @JeremyDavids1 for the line: “The T stands for trouble, and you’re in it Dog.”


Congratulations!!! And thank you again to all The Walking Dead fans for making this so much fun!

Stay tuned to The Walking Dead Sunday nights on AMC…if you dare!