Zombie Survival Tactics: Part Three

Command loves the opportunity to demonstrate skill and promote zombie survival preparedness.

Our newest First Lieutenant Sean Patrick Flanery is no exception.

Notice the stance. The speedy reflexes. Notice Sean’s refusal to allow his opponent to get in too close… Things to remember during the zombiepocalypse.

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Zombie Survival Tactics: Part Two

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

This is an all-around instructional video on how you can survive the coming Zombiepocalypse. Pay close attention, as Jinxie G picked this one specifically for some of its content, with exception to the comments about women because Jinxie is an amazon, not a screaming little girlie-girl who’s going to freeze at the sight of a zombie . . . unless they’re running. She does not, however, take issue with shooting you in the event you’ve been bitten.

Happy zombie hunting prepping while we put our rescue plan together to get Juliette and Anthony out!

Zombie Survival Tactics: Part One

Yes, we know it’s a commercial, but honestly, what would you do in this situation? Would you make it to your car, or would you become zombie food?

For example, I (Jinxie) have an Avalanche. It’s pretty. Anyway, the key fob allows me to open one door or all doors. Don’t really want all doors unlocked when I’m trying to escape zombies and if I’m alone. Maybe zombies know how to open doors? You never know. Watch Land of the Dead. *shudders* So my ‘lanche allows me to open the only door I need in the event I must escape the shambling hordes. I’m not too concerned with key confusion, like the girl in this video. I don’t have that many keys on my key chain.

So, what would you do, dear crew? Do you have a plan for this?

Digging for Zombie Brains

There’s been a lot of discussion on Twitter in regards to the types of weapons Zombie Survival Crew members prefer …. There’s quite a few pink crossbows being raised, and apparently every single person in the Texas brigade is packing some serious heat.

Command thought the following might be helpful for those who aren’t yet armed and ready for the zombiepocalypse ( – and of course you will soon be armed or risk being tossed out as zombie bait!)

Here is theklenzer with Will It Kill a Zombie?