T-Dog’s Next Line contest – Country Winners!

We here at Zombie Survival Crew Command are just now managing to crawl out from under the horde of zombies unleashed by The Walking Dead season premiere Sunday night!!! Wow, what an adrenaline rush! By the time the premiere ended the Command Center was littered with ice cream wrappers, handfuls of tossed popcorn and a pile of bloody machetes!


Our Commander in Chief Juliette Terzieff managed to make it through the premiere without biting any holes in her fingers (as she’s been known to do during Walking Dead episodes…twice), but both she and Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G managed to scream themselves hoarse. Orange Brigade Commander R.C. Murphy ended up inside the zombie bunneh cages attempting to cuddle the vicious creatures.


Only Green Brigade Commander IronE Singleton and Special Forces Commander Michael Rooker were left standing….armed and ready for more hand-to-hand combat.


We were scheduled to announce the country winners for the T-Dog’s Next Line contest right after the premiere aired –and we do apologize for the delay. Those popcorn kernals were really hard to get out of the Command computer keyboard!!!


So now, without any further ado, here are the medal-winning countries in the in T-Dog’s Next Line contest!!!


Gold – U.S.A.

Silver – Ireland

Bronze – France




There were entries that made us laugh, cry…cringe. The Walking Dead fans are definitely a creative bunch! And we’re now continuing to sift through all the entries and will post individual category winners on October 28!


Until then, stay tuned to The Walking Dead Sunday nights on AMC…if you dare!

T-Dog’s Next Line Contest

An Announcement From the desk of the Zombie Survival Crew Commander-in-Chief, Juliette Terzieff

It’s time to have some fun ZSC brigadiers! Green Brigade Commander IronE Singleton has issued an Olympic challenge this summer in honor of the London Games and the Season 3 premiere of AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead.

Participation is easy and your chance to win is limited only by the borders of your own imagination. Simply take to Twitter anytime beginning July 27, the opening day of the London Olympic Games, and before October 13 to take your shot at identifying #TDogsNextLine.

All the details and fine print can be found in the official contest announcement on IronE’s web site, http://www.ironesingleton.com/SpecialEvents_TDogsNextLine.html