In The News – Mythbusters Zombies and an Armored Car

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InTheNewsUndead Zombies Are the 99% in Propaganda Posters for Undead Romance Warm Bodies (via Wired)

‘Mythbusters’ doing zombie episode (and want your help) (via Entertainment Weekly)

Man With Assault Weapons and Drugs Was ‘Preparing for Zombies’ (via WREG)

Zombies, the apocalypse, and catnip’s dark secrets: 12 Sundance shorts hit Youtube (via VentureBeat)

Be Prepared
Land Rover Armored Patrol Car Awaits The Zombie Apocalypse (via Motor Authority)

Be safe from zombies and the flu in the Chagrin Valley (via Plain Dealer)

Germ Warfare
UPDATE 1-Flu in U.S. still widespread, but starting to ease, CDC says (via Chicago Tribune)

Dine College, CDC Battle Hantavirus (via ABQ Journal)

Viruses That Make Zombies and Vaccines (via National Geographic)

Undead Tech
New ‘Black Ops 2’ Die Rise zombies map details revealed (Photos) (via Examiner)

The Zombies That Killed Apps and Created New Content (via Huffington Post UK)

Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update: Snapshot 13w03a Previews Scaled Zombies, Stronger Skeletons, Dropper Blocks, Hopper Minecarts And More (via iDigitalTimes)

Commander Corner
Norman Reedus And The Walking Dead To Feature In Time Warner Cable’s Super Bowl Ad (via Comic Book Therapy)

Walking Dead, Starship Trooper stars bolster Calgary Expo ranks (via Calgary Herald)

Michael Rooker Online Needs YOUR Help! (via Michael Rooker Online)

Calling Authors and Artists ~ New ZSC Feature

Our guest post by Heather McCorkle proved to be such a success, that the command has decided to make it a regular feature. We have a lot of talented folks within the ranks of the Zombie Survival CrewTM and we want YOU to have a chance to show off your talents/knowledge. Soooo, got any Zombie shorts or artwork or educational articles laying around and think you’d like to share? We’d love to take a gander.

To submit your brainchild and share your work, send it to

All submissions will be carefully reviewed and responded to, and revisions may be requested.

And this is where I get to rattle off all of the small print stuff like: submitting your work to the Zombie Survival CrewTM provides tacit consent for the Zombie Survival CrewTM to publish and promote your work as a part of the Zombie Survival CrewTM site. No payment will be given to any person for their submission and no payment will be accepted by the Zombie Survival CrewTM to publish any individual’s work. The Zombie Survival CrewTM will not be held liable for any copyright infringements should the work submitted not be the express original work of the submitter, but the infringement will be born by the submitter. By submitting your work to the Zombie Survival CrewTM you agree that you are the owner of the copyright to the material. And if for any reason you have lied to us about the copyright ownership, the Zombie Survival CrewTM reserves the right to send a horde of zombies to your doorstep to give you your just desserts.