Rescue Plan Contest Winner!

You’ve had your time to plot and scheme; now we act. Zombie Survival Crew, grab your go bags! It’s time to rescue our missing captains.

The winner of the Escape Plan contest is Wulfie_. Hearty congratulations to you. You will be on point to lead a squad of your picking into the secret government facility. (Oh and you get some neat ZSC gear too. I’m jealous!)

We have included the winning plan below. Crew members, pay attention. This is the important part. We must find Juliette and Anthony!


One of ours could pose as someone trying to get a job in the power plant. Surely someone in our group can pass as someone qualified enough to get work in a power plant, so as to avoid suspicion.

Some of the civilians are wary and suspicious of what’s really going on in the place. We get a few of these to give us some intel. Plant workers tend to hang out at bars after shifts and on weekends. Alcohol loosens tongues, you know. People talk and we’ll pick up some info just hanging around, during a round of drinks or a nice game of darts or pool. People love to bitch about work, right? We may be able to get one to help us during the attack, but that plan isn’t totally reliable. I imagine disgruntled workers are being watched. Best to be suspicious of everyone.

The Attack:

We can’t just bomb the shack or the power plant because that will put the underground on lock down. The place has to have ventilation shafts if it’s that far down. We’ve scoped those out and on the day/night of our rescue attempt we place groups of 3 at these shafts (Team C), armed with weapons and gas grenades to be dropped down the shafts. In the event of a gas or toxic air readout, the plant’s automatic emergency generators should kick off. Beta Team will hit the areas with the most civilians. The civilians have to be evacuated and will be freaking out while soldiers/security try to get them out in an orderly fashion. Lights and power should shift to emergency generator power. There’ll be half light, blinking lights, and alarms going off everywhere.

Alpha Team will target Glasses because he, evidently, can get the furthest into the place with his ID and thumb prints. Scouts revealed that he’s married. His family knows nothing about what he really does for a living. We have a small team kidnap his wife and kids right after he leaves for work in the morning. The second half of Alpha Team waits at the coffee shop. One of ours hides in his car while he’s distracted getting coffee. (This will require someone capable of breaking into his vehicle without setting off the car alarm OR someone to fake illness when he’s returning to his car. After he unlocks it, they use a gun to get him into the car.) At this point, a cell phone call to prove to him that we have his family and he’d better cooperate or we’ll kill them (we won’t, but he doesn’t know that). The scheduling will be tight on this. How long is his coffee break, for instance? Quickly obtain intel from him as he drives to the shack. From that, we place teams around the plant and the spokes. We put the best armed of our crew by the SW spoke (Team C), because there’s ingress and egress available there.

Using Glasses and his ID, Alpha Team will gain access to the facility and Anthony’s holding cell, taking out whoever gets in our way. If Glasses decides not to cooperate, remind him that his ID badge and the fingerprint detector will work whether he’s alive or dead. Just sayin’.

Getting out will be harder than getting in. Go figure. By the time we get to Anthony the entire place will be pretty crazy. Beta Team will have been detected. This will shift the emergency evacuation to lockdown and defense mode. This is when we drop our next surprise on them. Team C will deploy more gas grenades, but this gas knocks people out cold. That’ll drop a lot of them. Lightweight masks will be given to the Alpha Team, Beta Team, Anthony, and Glasses so we can recover Juliette. Glasses, by this time should be pretty freaked out. Anthony will have to be carried out or, if he’s not too hurt, should be pretty ticked off. Set him loose on Glasses to make him lead us to Juliette. Once she’s located, feel free to take Glasses’s mask off or knock him out. Have at him Anthony!

Alpha Team escorts Anthony and Juliette out through the SW spoke. Beta Team will be inside and outside that area to cover them. Team C, at the shafts, will evacuate but not before planting C-4 explosives that can be remotely detonated. Once they’re clear, we give the signal to trigger the explosives.

We must be prepared to lose people. We’ll send in well-trained members who are willing to die for the cause. Beta Team must be our special forces. They will be on their own through much of the rescue, distracting the security forces and keeping them busy while the Alpha Team does the rescue. They should have weapons and plenty of ammo, and at least six or seven grenades of their own. They can cause as much havoc as needed before ordered to retreat. Beta Team will be encouraged to swap clothes with the security forces in order to sneak past opposing forces.

Not everyone will make it. This is a high-risk rescue.


There may be experiments going on in the Labs. There is a risk of these being released into the air, infecting even to those with breathing masks. If this is true, even the facility’s security forces will be making a B-line to escape. This could be what triggers the Zombie Virus. However, if we can blow the place to smithereens we might avert it. The facility is a mile down and only has that one point of entrance at the SW spoke, which we will blow up to prevent anything from getting loose. But we must be prepared on the off chance that somewhere in the depths of this evil place, there is a zombie or two who escape.

In effect, our rescue attempt may be the very thing that triggers the Zombie Apocalypse.

Nicely done, Wulfie! We will contact you soon for details on your ZSC gear.

We were very impressed with the plans the crew members came up with and it was a tough decision. We look forward to seeing what you can do with future challenges! You all did a great job! Thank you!