Special Forces: Brimstone

Brimstone_2009Brimstone literally means burning stone. And it is an apropos name for our newest Special Forces command member.

Our Brimstone is a former wrestler with a heart of gold and a personality that bubbles. He’s got technical and practical know-how that will add to ZSC Special Forces’ mission to help us all prepare to meet the Z-poc head on!

Like ZSC Special Forces Commander Michael Rooker  and our other Special Forces command members Jonathan Maberry, Paul Phillips, Billy Tackett and Britt Griffith, Brimstone brings a special set of skills to ZSC Command. If you’re looking for hand-to-hand combat training, strategies to manage a mob, or identifying ways to make efficient multi-tasking look easy, then Brimstone is your man.


ZSC brigaders, please raise your weapons and welcome BRIMSTONE to ZSC Command!