Blindsided by the Walking Dead

A few months ago, we were beyond giddy to find out Green Brigade commander IronE Singleton was working with ZSC Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff to write his official autobiography.

After a long wait, we finally have news about the book…and the cover!



Available for pre-order now! (


On the streets of Atlanta, the fight to survive is a daily battle.

From the drug-infested corners of one of the city’s worst housing projects, to alleyways filled with ravenous zombies– Blindsided by the Walking Dead examines one man’s battle to overcome the violence, drugs, and crime of the ‘hood; starting with a young IronE Singleton determined to succeed despite an abusive mother, an absent father, and the temptations of instant gratification inherent with the thug life.

Football and Faith in God become IronE’s allies in his quest to escape and help him reach for the lights of the University of Georgia’s football field and theater stages.

After years of struggle–failed businesses, small roles, and an ill-fated trip to Los Angeles–IronE snags his major breakthrough role, playing the kind of drug-dealing, gun-toting thug he would have become on the streets, in The Blind Side.

When he is cast as T-Dog on AMC’s international mega-hit “The Walking Dead”, IronE examines through art what humanity is about and what it means to truly survive against all odds. Alongside cast mates Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Andrew Lincoln, IronE fought, gagged, and sweat his way into the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

ZSC Celebrations and End of Year Deals

From the mobile work unit of Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff:


It’s kind of hard for me to believe the Zombie Survival Crew is heading into its’ third year. What started as a small rag-tag group of would-be survivors two years ago has grown into a force of thousands across North and South America, Europe and Asia working to be ready to face the worst.


To celebrate the ZSC’s formal birthday, December 20, mark the holiday season and clear the storage unit for the new gear we’re bringing in for 2013 we’re offering special discounts on merchandise for the next 12 days!!


From December 19, 2012 through January 1, 2013 simply enter the codes to get your discounted ZSC gear.


HOLIDAYPROMO5 will get you 5% off any order of $50.00 or more


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The discounts WILL apply to EVERYTHING in the ZSC store – including the new ZSC line of Norman Reedus-themed gear we just revealed last week. A portion of the profits from ZSC Reedus line sales go to support development/disaster response organizations Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders (or may be designated to others depending on real world need when we make our quarterly donations).


So grab yourself a hat, a copy of the ZSC’s latest anthology Undead Uncensored, get Rookered, show your Team Dixon support or get bloody with the ZSC’s signature tee!!!

Breaking News: Spy Photo Intercept

Breaking News: The command has just intercepted this photo transmitted by the UGA (Unknown Government Agency). We have Crew members working on the significance of this interception now. Primary questions to be answered:

  1. Can anything be determined as to location? From the surroundings, it appears that our Fearless Leader, Juliette is no longer being held in New Mexico.
  2. Why is IronE pictured with Juliette? Has the UGA used some photo enhancements to make us believe they are together? Or does IronE’s recent radio silence have deeper implications?
  3. Were they forced at gun point (or crossbow point) to smile? There does appear to be a manic quality about the facial expressions.
  4. Where is Anthony? Have he and Juliette been separated?
  5. And finally, why was the picture transmitted upside down? Does this mean that Juliette and IronE are on the execution list?

Obviously, time is of the essence. We need to identify the surroundings, analyze the significance and develop a plan of action. Will we be in time to save our command leaders? Please report any intel back to the command as soon as possible. Zombie Survival Crew – you have your mission – let’s get our leaders back!