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Commander Mondays: Neil Brown, Jr.

Friends are the difference between those who watch your back and those who might trip you to escape a sticky situation themselves. Friends are the most valuable of all your survival needs, and this week’s Commander Monday spotlight is on one of the Zombie Survival Crew’s most devoted and loyal friends, Red Brigade’s First Lieutenant Neil Brown, Jr.

Commander Monday: Yellow Brigade – Sean Patrick Flanery

Actor, director, writer, martial artist, patriot, and purveyor of simple honesty and common sense, Yellow Brigade’s first Lieutenant Sean Patrick Flanery is best known for his starring roles in the television series Young Indiana Jones and runaway cult classic film The Boondock Saints.

Commander Monday – Commander-in-Chief Juliette Terzieff

Able to leap the counter of a Starbucks in a single bound, more powerful than the Energizer bunny on a double-shot espresso, Juliette weaves the perfect balance of sass and class, compassion and humor, gentleness and strength. Most importantly, she never leaves home without crossbow in hand, and always knows exactly where to find a roll of duct tape.

Commander Mondays: Paul Phillips

Our previous Commander Monday field reports have centered around actors, directors, producers and others closely involved in the film and television industry.  As we continue to delve deeper into the ZSC Special Forces Unit, we will uncover those with an even wider range of talents and unique abilities. This week the spotlight falls upon a
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