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Lt Blue Brigade Go Bag Essentials

Lt Blue Brigade

Lt Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo explains the reasons for his choices of essential Go Bag items…

Each Zombie Survival Crew brigade has specific items crew members should stock in their Go Bag so that when a geographical area goes into alert status and crew members meet at assigned gathering points there is a base supply of essential items. In addition to assigned gear, every individual should also add any items they want or need to have at the ready in the event of an emergency.


Go Bag Essentials:

  • Sneakers – If you don’t know why you need sneakers than you shouldn’t be in the Lt. Blue Brigade! No, seriously… as members of the advance attack team, conducting recon in the face of the enemy, we need to be able to move with stealth. Any sound could alert the hordes, and instead of our gathering intelligence to formulate a plan of attack, the zombies are gathering lunch.
  • Camouflage clothing – We have to keep to the shadows In order to cut off heads the right way 😉 We need to pursue every advantage available to us, so blending into our surroundings becomes a key critical factor for our success. The more we can do undetected, the better.
  • Eye black – Just cuz it looks cooooool – well, that and no one wants to be discovered while blending in with their surrounds because the sunlight is glinting off your cheeks. C’mon, now!
  • Rappelling equipment – Of course being in this brigade means being a total badass which of course means you have to pack like one… even though I personally am afraid of heights. But you never know when that equipment will mean the difference between living and becoming one of the undead.
  • Utility knives – Essential all purpose tools. Cutting open supplies, cutting through minor brush — although for that I prefer my machete, and you never know when you might need to hurl one with accuracy to stop an oncoming walker.
  • K-rats – While these rations are not the best tasting in the world, they will allow you to survive in adverse conditions, they are light to carry — which may be essential when retreat and regrouping is necessary. They provide the base nutrition to keep an army on it’s feet, and if you don’t think this is war, you’ve got another thing coming, baby.
  • Beef Jerky – Just in case you run into big foot ;D Jerky is a good source of protein, and let’s face it, we need to keep this brigade a lean, mean, fighting machine.
  • Dog Kibble – Gotta save to pups! Dogs are an essential part of the Lt Blue Brigade. They can smell so much better than we can and will detect the rotting hordes sooner. We must use every advantage. And just as we need to keep our strength up, we need to ensure our furry friends have the proper nutrition as well.
  • Duct Tape – – THE MOST important tool of all, it can fix anything!

What is Essential for the Lt Blue Brigade Go Bag?

Lt Blue Brigade

Lt Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo explains the reasons for his choices of essential Go Bag items… But in order to see what the reasons are, you’ll need to login and if you are not a registered member, please take a few moments and register for the site. The links for both the login and the Member Registration can be found in the sidebar to the right.

Words of Advice from Anthony Guajardo

Normally we hate to give any sort of warnings or content advisories on the site. However, we have to make an exception for the following PSA. This video was shot in the midst of the Dallas Comic Con insanity, and I think you can tell that Light Blue Brigade commander Anthony Guajardo was feeling the effects of a hectic weekend. We all promptly felt it after he finished recording. (If you ask Juliette nicely enough, she will show you the video captured after…)

So here’s your warning: Put Down Your Drinks. Do not take a bite of your mid-afternoon snack. And for goodness sake, sit down before clicking play! The Zombie Survival Crew is not responsible for any injuries or water damage to keyboards resulting from viewing this video.


Lt Blue Brigade Survival

Being a part of the Light Blue Brigade means volunteering for dangerous missions without selfish thought or motivation. No mission is ever too risky for this brigade. We use our wits and survival skills, and think quick on our feet when situations deteriorate faster than you can say, “Grab your Go Bag!” You will always find this brigade leading the assault.

Lt Blue Brigade operates under the “no (wo)man left behind” attitude, but we dispatch our enemies quickly and quietly when necessary. We take care of our own. Whether that means first aid, dragging out an injured (wo)man from the battle, or simply preparing the masses for the onslaught, Lt Blue Brigade is your first response Go To team. We are known for our courage in the face of danger, leadership, and animal handling skills. Hey, you never know when animals might come in handy and our furry friends are not only great companions, but awesome protectors as well.

Members of Lt Blue Brigade comprise a host of talented people from all walks of life. We are honored to have ex-military members, animal care workers, and middle school teachers. Just because the Zombiepocalypse has begun, it doesn’t mean education stops.

Commander Anthony Guajardo‘s favorite weapon is the machete because it is the perfect zombie killing tool. Long enough to swipe at the walkers while keeping a safe distance from their clawing hands, and sharp enough to take off their heads. With a nice weighted balance, and a design made for cutting through rainforest undergrowth, a survivalist could want no better weapon. It can be wielded, thrown, and used as a sword. In addition to its abilities to take out the shambling hordes, it can be used for hunting, food preparation, and even shaving in a pinch—but ONLY after making sure it has been cleaned off first. It is the perfect multi-purpose tool.

A few orders from Commander Anthony are that you shouldn’t talk to zombies, don’t touch them . . . in inappropriate places . . . and to keep your hands to yourself at all times. Commander Anthony also warns brigade members to not run with scissors, don’t smoke, and always wear your tight underwear.

Lt Blue Brigade claims Ted Raimi as its First Lieutenant, and we think this is a fine addition, considering Raimi’s experience with the undead. And let’s not forget those weapons of his: a Smith and Wesson .357 38 caliber revolver, and an electric cattle prod with rechargeable backpack battery for back up. Stand aside, zombies! First Lieutenant Raimi will burn what skin you have left before putting a bullet in your brain.

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat is Lt Blue Brigade’s motto, which translates to “Fortune Favors the Bold.” In other words, our courage and first response to act takes us into the thick of things where fortune smiles upon us in the end. We might as well be shouting, “THIS IS SPARTA!” before kicking those zombies into the dark abyss.


Go Bag Essentials:
Camouflage clothing
Eye black
Rappelling equipment
Utility knives
Beef Jerky
Dog Kibble
Duct tape


Welcome to the Light Blue Brigade. We’ll explain the reasons behind our Go Bag Essentials in the near future. Until then, stay safe out there!


Anthony Guajardo

Lt Blue Brigade Commander


Lt Blue Brigade Traits

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All information herein is CLASSIFIED and as you’ll see, Anthony Guajardo and his Lt Blue Brigade members know exactly how to deal with unsavory folk. Watch out for that machete!