Commander Mondays – Light Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo

What can we say about Anthony? Enthusiastic, energetic and loyal, he leaps into action without hesitation, fears neither defeat nor the undead even when faced with the most overwhelming odds and never misses the opportunity to use (or misuse) sharp pointy weapons. He has a smile even more infectious than the most devastating of zombie viruses and can charm his way in and out of even the most precarious of situations. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating one of the ZSC’s youngest commanders, Light Blue Brigade Commander Anthony Guajardo has stood toe to toe with true badassery and lived to tell the tale.

Evidence of his invaluable resourcefulness was witnessed just last year; while on a regular reconnaissance mission in Philadelphia,  Lt. Blue Brigade intercepted a suspicious communication that indicated the city’s water supply might be at risk of contamination by an unknown substance. Acting purely on raw instincts, Anthony hit the streets in full stealth mode.  Once he had identified the most likely point of origin, he enlisted the aid of nearby members of the Red Brigade and other ZSC loyalists to successfully establish a protective perimeter and prevent contamination. His quick and decisive actions saved the city of brotherly love from what would surely have led to a catastrophe of global proportions. We have no doubt that all would have been lost had he not been there.

Anthony hails from San Antonio, Texas. When he is not busy saving our collective behinds from the shambling hordes, he is a hard-working actor who has appeared in television commercials and live theater since the age of 5. With high marks for his studies in Technical Theater History, he got his first true taste of the business after landing a featured role in the film Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Through hard work, perseverance, faith and perhaps a healthy dose of sheer stubbornness, Anthony landed the role of Miguel on the AMC original series “The Walking Dead,” an experience that he would later describe as the best experience of his life.

Anthony with fellow ZSC Commanders Norman Reedus and Neil Brown, Jr.

“People aren’t always what you expect them to be. I remember when I first got on set and was looking around at all these established actors and big scary dudes made up to be “vatos” I was a little intimidated. But the truth was that all of the actors were really nice, hardworking people ….and the “vatos” were just a bunch of big teddy bears.”

Anthony is currently living in Los Angeles and recently participated in a national commercial campaign with AAA. He also starred in a short film with Director Rod Guajardo. Anthony also enjoys exploring the behind-the-scenes aspect of the industry and when the opportunity presented itself, he jumped onboard feet first with the upcoming indie short film Arose the Coward

Anthony keeps a sharp eye on the perimeter while the rest of the crew embarks upon a very dangerous and important mission - replenishment of caffeine supplies.


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Undead Is Not An Option: Grab Your Go Bag

We’re giving you another excerpt from the debut Zombie Survival Crew Anthology: Undead Is Not An Option, but don’t forget, YOU can be a part of the second anthology!! Click here for more details.


Zombie Survival Crew First Lieutenant Neil Brown Jr. has got the survival gig down pat. You may know him for his on-screen characters’ fights with zombies or aliens in productions like The Walking Dead and Battle: Los Angeles, but this wise-crackin’ vato has got skills – and the Katana to back ‘em up. This son of a marine takes a look at what we should all have pre-packed in our go bags for the kind of day we hope never comes.

Grab Your Go Bag
(…and get it right!)

By Neil Brown, Jr.

Dad always used to say “police your brass” and “you need to know whether you’re hurt or injured.” And that’s just the way he raised me—to live a clean life, depend on common sense and preparation to get me through life’s bumps and bruises, and develop the mental fortitude to push through the hurts.

Served me well even from a young age. When I was about 12, on one of our many family salt water fishing trips, I tumbled off the side of the boat in the early morning while everyone else was still sleeping. I know, I know. Shouldn’t have been hanging over the side of the boat in the first place.

Even though I was terrified and screaming like crazy, I remembered what my dad taught me—tie the ends of my pants together, lift the whole thing up over the water and push down to grab the air and make a mini-life preserver. It worked. I bobbed in the water for several minutes before my dad dove in to rescue me. And it was about ten years before my dad or I told mom about the incident. What? She never would have let me go on another fishing trip.

It was common sense and preparation that saved me all those years ago, and that very same combination is our best shot during a cataclysmic event, like a Zombiepocalypse.

As for me, I can catch a rabbit, squirrel or fish in the woods faster than I can find you a gas station, so my go bag is naturally geared more towards hunting and gathering—even so it’s a combination of items that will serve any would-be survivor well.


To read more, and learn from one of the best, check out Undead Is Not An Option.

Outrunning Z Day


Our very own Anthony Guajardo shows us a teaser for his short film. Take a gander. I was falling over with laughter. HA!





Good job, Li’l Gangsta! We’re so proud!

Lt Blue Brigade Traits

Would you like to know just what the Lt Blue Brigade is all about and how they operate? Login to the site to get the skinny on Anthony Guajardo, Commander, and the Lt Blue Brigade’s survival secrets for when the Zombiepocalypse hits.

All information herein is CLASSIFIED and as you’ll see, Anthony Guajardo and his Lt Blue Brigade members know exactly how to deal with unsavory folk. Watch out for that machete!





SCIFI Mafia Interviews the Vatos

The SCIFI Mafia interviews the Vatos, Neil Brown, Jr., Anthony Guajardo, James Gonzaba, from The Walking Dead at Dallas Comic Con.

From SCIFI Mafia: AMC’s The Walking Dead is hands down, my favorite new show of 2010 and as luck would have it, several cast members of the show’s fourth episode, “Vatos,” were here at Dallas Comic-Con to spread the infection… er… I mean awareness of this television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name. Neil Brown, Jr. (Battle: Los Angeles), Anthony Guajardo (The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lavagirl), and James Gonzaba were on hand to discuss the show and season two.

Link: SCIFI Mafia


Mission Dispatch from R.C. Murphy

Rest assured, your commanders have heard the cries of anguish from our crew and we are in full agreement; the Vatos need to return to The Walking Dead.

Our undercover agents have located targets for a campaign launch in order to make sure they are aware of the overwhelming love the Zombie Survival Crew has for the Vatos.


Your targets:

@GunnerGale, @RobertKirkman, @valhallapics, and @WalkingDead_AMC

We will begin sending #BringBackTheVatos tweets to the targets at 12:00 PM on Friday February 11th. The retreat will be called at 12:00 PM the following day, Saturday February 12th. Times are local to whatever time zone you live in.

Now I know we all feel strongly that our Vatos deserve more screen time, but please keep this civil. -R.C. twirls a sword and gives a stern look-

Sample tweets:

  • @GunnerGale We at the #zombiesurvivalcrew would LOVE for The Walking Dead to #BringBackTheVatos! Please pass the word along.
  • @RobertKirkman Who loves Vatos? The #zombiesurvivalcrew! We’d like The Walking Dead to #BringBackTheVatos. Please pass the word along.
  • @valhallapics The #zombiesurvivalcrew really wants #TheWalkingDead to #BringBackTheVatos.

Get the point? Good. Now go forth and tell the world at large to #BringBackTheVatos!

Neil Brown Jr. – Command Dispatch I

Call to Action: Zombie Survival Crew First Lieutenant Neil Brown Jr. – Guillermo from the Vatos episode of The Walking Dead – talks survival and what he learned during Battle: Los Angeles.


Sometimes the fiction I portray helps me to understand real-life truths. Working on Battle: Los Angeles gave me some insights I thought wise to share with my Zombie Survival Crew brigades ahead of the film’s 3-11-11 release.

Battle: Los Angeles asks the broader questions about survival during a cataclysmic global event as major U.S. cities are attacked and marines are sent into Los Angeles to evacuate civilians before the government launches a massive counter-offensive. Sure, we’re battling aliens, not zombies, but many of the same rules apply.

Lesson 1: Stealth Tactics

Filming took us through some real Marine training and as much as I’d like to say the weapons work was the most valuable, the truth is how many of us are going to encounter military-grade weapons right off the bat during a zombie infestation? (Unless you have them already…)

No. The most valuable lessons were in learning how to really take cover during a firefight and how to conceal your presence. Tactics like the following:

– Don’t leave evidence of your presence. Pick up empty shell casings, cigarette butts, etc, etc.

– People do what you see in movies when a firefight breaks out. Big mistake.

– Process: Get low. Find solid cover. Identify source of fire or danger. Examine your environment.

– A car door will not protect you from bullets. The only safe places to take cover around a vehicle are behind the engine block or axles.

– In a house dry wall will not protect you. Get into the residence and take cover behind additional items such as a bookcase or table.

Lesson 2: Teamwork

As a cataclysmic event unfolds it is time to put aside differences and work together. This is about humanity, about survival. Everyone has something to offer.

If we are to survive, we have to band together as I learned filming both The Walking Dead and Battle: Los Angeles. Understand the enemy – how they operate; what they want; the best ways to defeat them. It cannot be done alone.

Lesson 3: Strategic Choices

Every person has something to offer towards common survival in the case of a cataclysmic global event but having a good command team in place is essential. From my Battle: Los Angeles cast mates I’d offer up the following as top recruits.

Cory Hardrict – He’s the type of guy who will receive the phone call, look at the bottom line, come up with a plan and execute it. No questions. No doubts. But he’s also a team player.

Michelle Rodriguez – She’s kind of a nerd but down to fight to the death for anyone on her team. She’s gritty and grindy, and something to watch in a battle.

Will Rothhaar – This kid is young, ready for anything and fast. He’s a team player unafraid of a dangerous assignment.

Jinxie G – Command Center Dispatch

ZSC Commanders Still in Peril

As you know, we had one of you formulate a rescue plan to extricate Anthony and Juliette from the containment facility where they were being held. Anthony led the charge to rescue our Fearless Leader and fell prey to the unnamed government agency. It wasn’t what we planned, but when Anthony tried to rally the troops in this video, he was captured. The rescue attempt wasn’t an easy job by any means, but we (the crew) did manage to get our captain and co-captain to a certain point using @Wulfie_‘s plan. Unfortunately, some casualties took place during the attempt . . .

We’d sent in crews equipped with small cameras so the other co-captains, first lieutenants and I could keep track of the situation. I retrieved this satellite transmission Zulu 1032 during my shift in the Command Center in the midst of my ZSC tweet-a-thon.

As far as we know, they’re not out yet, and I haven’t found anymore feeds so I’m a little concerned. I’ll keep searching and whatever I find, you’ll be notified. Let’s just hope they’re safe.

As an aside, arm yourselves, just in case. *grabs compound bow and looks at Sean and Donut, the zombie assassin dog* Man, I should have trained Moon for that. *looks at Moon, who just pants with playful puppy look* That’s great.

Jinxie G over and out.