Yellow Brigade’s Go Bag Essentials

Yellow Brigade

Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G explains the reasons for her choices of essential Go Bag items…

Each Zombie Survival Crew brigade has specific items crew members should stock in their Go Bag so that when a geographical area goes into alert status and crew members meet at assigned gathering points there is a base supply of essential items. In addition to assigned gear, every individual should also add any items they want or need to have at the ready in the event of an emergency.


Go Bag Essentials:

  • We think coffee is pretty self-explanatory. All that caffeine will be needed, especially if one has a night watch. And yes, there will be night watches because zombies are active at night.
  • Twinkies are paramount simply because the movie Zombieland created the link for Jinxie, so now whenever she thinks about zombies, Twinkies come to mind and let the cravings begin.
  • A first aid kit for those minor injuries because, let’s be honest, we don’t want the scent of blood traveling through the air, so bind those wounds, people! And don’t carry blood-stained clothing with you. Have we not learned anything from movies like Jurassic Park: Lost World and The Edge?
  • Jinxie has a thing for knives. While she suggests butterfly knives because they are simple and easy to find, she prefers her daggers. Especially her Isis dagger. Just look at the jagged edges on that baby. What’s not to love about that?
  • A whet stone in order to sharpen the blades is important to have on hand. It’d be kind of difficult to put a knife in something if it has a dull blade and won’t really have the effect one desires.
  • While all nuts are a good source of protein, Jinxie prefers cashews above all others, especially if the honey roasted kind can be found.
  • Jinxie absolutely hates having a dry mouth, so she always has candy on her of some sort, but she prefers Butterscotch discs, and we aren’t talking about that generic crap.
  • Walkie talkies are essential, especially when having to scout city blocks. This way, crew members can cover two to three streets, yet still be within range of one another if needed.
  • Everyone should have MREs in their Go Bags. They are simple planned meals that may or may not taste like crap, but hey, if our soldiers can live off these meals, so can we when the zombies strike. They can give us the nutrition and energy we will need during tough times.
  • Since water will be somewhat limited, baby wipes can offer a quick cleansing because quite frankly, we don’t want to go back to the Dark Ages and have diseases like the Bubonic plague return. *briefly wonders if rat zombies are a possibility and shudders at the thought*
  • Since there will no longer be clothing manufacturers, and we doubt anyone would want to attempt a shopping spree during the Zombiepocalypse—although Jinxie might be up for that with enough cover—a sewing kit is essential to any Go Bag for minor repairs of tears and such made during any fight with the horde. Also? It kind of works for stitches too, in case that’s missing from the first aid kit.
  • Jinxie loves to cook, and to cook without spices is considered sacrilege to her Italian heritage, so all Yellow Brigade members should have some spices from their region within their Go Bags. Just because there’s a Zombiepocalypse, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat good food!
  • Multi-vitamins and Super B-complex vitamins are essential because our diet will become limited once the Zombiepocalypse begins. Besides, those B vitamins give us energy! We’re going to need that to escape the horde.
  • A teapot is needed for multiple reasons: to make coffee, to make tea, and to boil water for many purposes.
  • We may need a frying pan in our Go Bags for cooking and the occasional handy-dandy weapon when none other can be found at our disposal. Besides, not all food can be cooked on a stick over a fire.
  • And the most important item for every Go Bag is . . . No, Sean, it’s not rope . . . duct tape. This wonderful roll of beauty can do anything, be anything, fix damn near anything. And? It works very well in keeping our Commander-in-Chief out of trouble. *snorts* Quick! Hide the duct tape!


*note: this is just a mock up of our Go Bags and not what they will look like once designed


Green Brigade Stands Strong

Being a member of the Green Brigade means exercising mind and body. No doubt, you won’t be able to swing that weapon if you are out of shape, nor will you be able to strategize properly if your mind isn’t 100%, so vigilance is a necessity when it comes to strengthening both.

Green Brigade operates under Commander IronE Singleton, who believes strongly in working together as a team in order to survive together as a species.

Members of this brigade often decide from the heart and act from the mind, leaving a wealth of compassion for those who need it. The Green Brigade combines athleticism and physical strength with precision and the power of purpose. Green Brigade’s members are invariably vocal with their opinions and generous with their affection. Challengers would be unwise to view this Brigade’s apparent emotional component as a weakness, for only the truly foolish would test the Green Brigade’s impressive battle prowess.

Commander IronE’s weapon of choice is the sledgehammer for its quiet use and heavy hits. No zombie could survive a blow to the head with this baby. It makes far less noise than a pistol which helps avoid attracting a horde of walkers. Brigade members also commonly carry a secondary weapon – usually one that can be used at a distance.

Green Brigade’s motto is extra corpus vires, which means Strength Beyond the Body. The inner strength to meet challenges head on and overcome through respect for self and others is no laughing matter for the Green Brigade.


Go Bag Essentials:


Hand sanitizer

Surgical mask

Dried fruit, nuts

Water bottle, water purification tablets

Plastic bags for disposal

Safety goggles


Multi-purpose tool

Duct tape

Welcome to the Green Brigade. We’ll get you some reasons for why we carry what we do in our Go Bags soon. Until then, start preparing for the Zombiepocalypse!


IronE Singleton

Green Brigade Commander


Green Brigade Traits

Want to know just how strong IronE Singleton and his Green Brigade are? What keeps them moving forward with a host of undead horde on their heels? What they carry in their Go Bags?

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Warning: The information herein is Top Secret and NOT to fall into the hands of the UGA.




Orange Brigade Traits

Wondering how a brigade of ZSC members wearing bright orange shirts can become virtual ghosts? What motivates them to keep going when the undead are on their heels? And what exactly goes in their go bags?

Login to the site, or take the chance to sign up, and the secrets of the Orange Brigade and their commander R.C. Murphy will be revealed.

Do note, if any of this information is handed over to the UGA, we will be coming for you. ::R.C. taps her sword against her boot:: We clear?

Lt Blue Brigade Survival

Being a part of the Light Blue Brigade means volunteering for dangerous missions without selfish thought or motivation. No mission is ever too risky for this brigade. We use our wits and survival skills, and think quick on our feet when situations deteriorate faster than you can say, “Grab your Go Bag!” You will always find this brigade leading the assault.

Lt Blue Brigade operates under the “no (wo)man left behind” attitude, but we dispatch our enemies quickly and quietly when necessary. We take care of our own. Whether that means first aid, dragging out an injured (wo)man from the battle, or simply preparing the masses for the onslaught, Lt Blue Brigade is your first response Go To team. We are known for our courage in the face of danger, leadership, and animal handling skills. Hey, you never know when animals might come in handy and our furry friends are not only great companions, but awesome protectors as well.

Members of Lt Blue Brigade comprise a host of talented people from all walks of life. We are honored to have ex-military members, animal care workers, and middle school teachers. Just because the Zombiepocalypse has begun, it doesn’t mean education stops.

Commander Anthony Guajardo‘s favorite weapon is the machete because it is the perfect zombie killing tool. Long enough to swipe at the walkers while keeping a safe distance from their clawing hands, and sharp enough to take off their heads. With a nice weighted balance, and a design made for cutting through rainforest undergrowth, a survivalist could want no better weapon. It can be wielded, thrown, and used as a sword. In addition to its abilities to take out the shambling hordes, it can be used for hunting, food preparation, and even shaving in a pinch—but ONLY after making sure it has been cleaned off first. It is the perfect multi-purpose tool.

A few orders from Commander Anthony are that you shouldn’t talk to zombies, don’t touch them . . . in inappropriate places . . . and to keep your hands to yourself at all times. Commander Anthony also warns brigade members to not run with scissors, don’t smoke, and always wear your tight underwear.

Lt Blue Brigade claims Ted Raimi as its First Lieutenant, and we think this is a fine addition, considering Raimi’s experience with the undead. And let’s not forget those weapons of his: a Smith and Wesson .357 38 caliber revolver, and an electric cattle prod with rechargeable backpack battery for back up. Stand aside, zombies! First Lieutenant Raimi will burn what skin you have left before putting a bullet in your brain.

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat is Lt Blue Brigade’s motto, which translates to “Fortune Favors the Bold.” In other words, our courage and first response to act takes us into the thick of things where fortune smiles upon us in the end. We might as well be shouting, “THIS IS SPARTA!” before kicking those zombies into the dark abyss.


Go Bag Essentials:
Camouflage clothing
Eye black
Rappelling equipment
Utility knives
Beef Jerky
Dog Kibble
Duct tape


Welcome to the Light Blue Brigade. We’ll explain the reasons behind our Go Bag Essentials in the near future. Until then, stay safe out there!


Anthony Guajardo

Lt Blue Brigade Commander


Lt Blue Brigade Traits

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Yellow Brigade Traits

Want to know just what the Yellow Brigade is all about and how they operate? Login to the site for the down-lo on Commander Jinxie G and the Yellow Brigade’s survival secrets for when the Zombiepocalypse hits.

All information herein is CLASSIFIED and as you’ll see, Jinxie G and her Yellow Brigade compadres will punish accordingly for any leaks, especially to the UGA, which Jinxie has been hiding from for the last fifteen months.



Surviving in Yellow Brigade

Being a Yellow Brigade member means knowing how to survive the concrete jungles once the Zombiepocalypse begins. Maneuvering around the horde-infested streets won’t be easy, but it is our job to get supplies and get out quickly and quietly. Learning the art of distraction is paramount for this part of the Zombie Survival Crew, as this skill will be needed in order to escape the cities without bringing a host of horde down on survivors.

Yellow Brigade does not leave anyone behind, but if one is bitten by a zombie, they will be asked to make a choice – remain with the shambling horde to either be eaten by them or to become one, or a bullet to the brain. Let’s face it, either way, they’re dead, so we’ll leave the decision up to them. If they refuse to make that choice, a decision will be made for them. As a means of survival for the majority, compassion will not be shown during these crises, but in all honesty, a bullet to the brain is pretty damn compassionate.

Members of this brigade never stay in one place for too long. We are the nomads of the brigades, as we don’t see the purpose in staying immobile other than to serve as a buffet for the shambling horde. We pack light with only the essentials in our Go Bags, a list of which can be found below. What we seek—which we deem damn near impossible to find—is shelter that will be completely secure from the horde of zombies, offering the ability to farm when the time comes, and fresh, clean water. Think medieval times because, let’s be honest here, a castle-like fortress is what will be needed (post on this coming soon). Otherwise, the horde will just pick us all off one by one.

As somewhat of an oddity among the ZSC, Yellow Brigade is comprised of a diverse group of people. We are chefs/cooks, mechanics, weapons experts, scholars, medical personnel, civil servants, carpenters, welders, artists and artisans, and dog trainers. That’s correct, dog trainers, because our canine friends could be very essential during a Zombiepocalypse. Think Terminator. Besides, Sean Flanery has his fully trained zombie assassin dog, Donut. Why not expand our resources? As Yellow Brigade’s First Lieutenant, Sean’s involvement in this field is paramount.

Jinxie G is adept at handling all manner of weapons, but for quiet kills, she suggests her brigade members learn the art of archery and how to use a staff. A bow can be used in the same manner as a staff at times. When trapped in the concrete jungles of our cities, quiet kills will be necessary because gunshots will reverberate throughout the streets, drawing the shambling horde right to us. We don’t want that, no siree. When outnumbered, however, the best thing to do is drive away or run like hell. There’s no sense in getting surrounded by the hungry undead, and you aren’t getting a damn medal of honor for it. Survive!

De Omnibus Dubitandum—Yellow Brigade’s motto is to be suspicious of everything and everyone. We don’t trust easily and outsiders will need to prove their worth. Members of this brigade also will not—I repeat, WILL NOT—put up with any sort of drama, domestic violence, bullying, or the like. Yellow Brigade Commander is an Amazon and will punish such offenses swiftly.


Go Bag Essentials:



First aid kit

A nice assortment of butterfly knives

Whet stone

Cashews (preferably honey roasted)

Butterscotch discs (not the generic kind)

Walkie talkies


Baby wipes

Sewing kit



Super B-complex vitamins (for energy)


Frying pan (can also be used as a weapon, if necessary)

Duct tape


Welcome to the Yellow Brigade. We’ll explain the reasons behind the Go Bag essentials in our next YB post.


Jinxie G

Yellow Brigade Commander


Blue Brigade Traits

In a continuation of our Member’s Only Monday feature (must be a member to view), we bring you the Blue Brigade.

The easiest way to get nice and dead in the Zombiepocalypse is to wander around lost. The ZSC’s Blue Brigade is here to help you stay alive and intact. Login to the site, or take the opportunity to sign up, and delve into the tactics used by Norman Reedus and his brigade to keep the rest of us on the map.

Warning: Any information herein is CLASSIFIED. Leaking such information about brigades is considered a grave offense and will be dealt with using the pointy end of a crossbow bolt.


Albuquerque Comicon 2011

The Albuquerque Comic Con was the first time some of the Zombie Survival Crew Command team got together in one place at the same time . . . .

We thought it would be a good opportunity to hone our collective battle plans. Instead, it was complete chaos. And that was just Friday night!

It all started when Juliette cha-cha-cha’d by accident in front of Lou Ferrigno. You know, the original Hulk? And this was AFTER she had her infamous fangirl moment in the hotel lobby that I tweeted about. Lisa and I barely managed to stay standing when that little number went down. That was our first indication that Juliette’s street cred might be more bluster than substance.

Keep an eye on the crossbow, peeps. I’m not saying mutiny. I just want to know where it’s pointed . . . and I hope not at my backside.

By the time Lisa, Juliette and I managed to meet up with Sean, Rocco and Norman (having left Anthony at the hotel to get his beauty sleep), we got mooned by a short bus full of college-aged boys during the taxi ride, and Lisa spilled almost an entire drink on Juliette after Juliette spilled part of my drink on herself.

I can’t say I was completely surprised that Rocco’s first reaction to Juliette was to start throwing punches.

I’m kidding . . . though he did elbow her in the back and aim a faux-blow at her jaw later in the night. Don’t ask.

We found him by the dance floor, introduced ourselves, talked to him for a bit only to discover Rocco’s kinda quiet, like me . . . or so it seemed. Look, I know y’all don’t believe I’m shy, but I am. You’ll find out when you meet me the first time. Juliette did.

Sean wandered around the bar and got mobbed by people, and blinked a lot from having his picture taken repeatedly. I don’t think he sat down all night.

When Norman walked in, Lisa and I stuttered (not really . . . who’s writing this post?) and Juliette put her war zone journalism skills into action before the crowds pounced. Good thing too. Because that was just about the time Anthony called to see if we were still alive. Barely, dude. Just barely. Read more…