Walking Dead TV Interview with Michael Rooker

The new head of our Special Forces, Michael Rooker, no sooner signed on with the Zombie Survival Crew than he was giving the ZSC shout outs in interviews. You have to love that in your head of Special Forces. Anyway, here’s what The Walking Dead TV Podcast has to say:

On this very special episode of The Walking Dead TV Podcast, your hosts get to chat with Merle Dixon himself, Mr. Michael Rooker! Brad, Jordan and John touch on a plethora of subjects with Michael, including his role on The Walking Dead, lost hands, Atlanta heat and Dancing with the Stars.

All this and we still find the time to give away another blu-ray.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Special thanks to The Zombie Survival Crew.

Link: The Walking Dead TV Podcast

Dark Media City Interview with Juliette Terzieff

Despite her busy schedule, what with running from the UGA, and recruiting new lieutenants left and right, our fearless leader, Juliette Terzieff, found the time to share information about the Zombie Survival Crew with Dark Media City.

From Dark Media City: The Zombie Survival Crew
The government knows and won’t tell us. Scientists are plotting behind closed doors as we speak. The world sits around lost in our social media. We are unaware. But there are those out there were are preparing. They know. They will be ready. Will you? I sat down with Juliette Terzieff, head of the Zombie Survival Crew to ask the tough questions.

Link: Dark Media City: They’re coming…… RUN!!!!!!!

Michael Kenworthy Interview with Jimmy Star

Second Lieutenant Michael Kenworthy was interviewed on the Jimmy Star Show August 17, 2011 and we found that he had quite a bit to say about the ZSC.

From Jimmy Star: Michael Kenworthy is an American film and television actor perhaps best known for his starring role as “Jesse” in Return of the Living Dead Part II. From age 5 to 19, Kenworthy accumulated over 150 projects to his credit. Now returning to entertainment from his extended hiatus as a professional inventor, Michael has begun to make convention appearances and is rumored to have several projects on the horizon.

Michael Kenworthy will be making his first interview appearance to formally announce his highly anticipated return on The Jimmy Star Show. Fans watched him grow up before their very eyes on over 30 television shows like Knots Landing and Growing Pains, films like The Blob, and famous commercials for the Mattel Scientist Monster Lab Toys and welcome his reemergence in the industry.

Link: Jimmy Star Show

Anthony Guajardo Interview with Jimmy Star

Our favorite Li’l Gansta, Lt Blue Brigade Commander, Anthony Guajardo was interviewed by Jimmy Star on June 1, 2011.

From Jimmy Star: Anthony Guajardo is a young American actor most famous for his role as Miguel in the hit AMC original television series The Walking Dead. Guajardo guest stars in the Vatos episode opposite leads Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun who hold him hostage as part of a quarrel with another group of survivors.

In addition to The Walking Dead, at his young age, Anthony Guajardo has already appeared in the film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D and shot a national commercial campaign with AAA. Along with acting, Anthony is exploring the behind the scenes of the entertainment industry as a production assistant for Calliope Talent.

Link: The Jimmy Star Show

A ZSC Interview with Jinxie G

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by author Shannon Mayer on her blog. She had some survival and zombie apocalypse questions, and in general, just wanted to pick my brain . . . er, wait a minute. That may be why I’m so sluggish lately.

I had fun doing this interview, so go check it out:

Shannon Mayer – How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

SCIFI Mafia Interviews the Vatos

The SCIFI Mafia interviews the Vatos, Neil Brown, Jr., Anthony Guajardo, James Gonzaba, from The Walking Dead at Dallas Comic Con.

From SCIFI Mafia: AMC’s The Walking Dead is hands down, my favorite new show of 2010 and as luck would have it, several cast members of the show’s fourth episode, “Vatos,” were here at Dallas Comic-Con to spread the infection… er… I mean awareness of this television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name. Neil Brown, Jr. (Battle: Los Angeles), Anthony Guajardo (The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lavagirl), and James Gonzaba were on hand to discuss the show and season two.

Link: SCIFI Mafia

SCIFI Mafia Interviews Juliette Terzieff

SCIFI Mafia interviews our fearless leader, Juliette Terzieff, at Dallas Comic Con.

From SCIFI Mafia: How do you survive a zombie apocalypse? Well, if you have the Zombie Survival Crew at your back, you stand a chance of survival! Join up with cast members of The Walking Dead and Boondock Saints and get yourself ready to survive zombies! I got the chance to talk with Juliette Terzieff of the Zombie Survival Crew, a fan organization that has global reach and may even save the world someday, at Dallas Comic-Con.

Link: SCIFI Mafia

Altered Realities Radio – Anthony Guajardo & Juliette Terzieff Interview

Altered Realities Radio Interviews our very own commanders Anthony Guajardo and Juliette Terzieff

From Altered Realities Radio: Through faith, training, and perseverance Anthony landed a major guest-starring role on the AMC original series “The Walking Dead.” The on-set experience was one of the best moments of his life. The actors he worked with were all very talented and gave him so much to work with. From there, Anthony shot a national commercial campaign with AAA and starred in a short film with Director Rod Guajardo. Anthony has also been training extensively through his agency and management company, Calliope Talent, with leading filmmakers and casting directors.

Link: Altered Realities Radio

Altered Realities Radio – Neil Brown, Jr. Interview

Altered Realities Radio Interviews our very own Neil Brown, Jr.

From Altered Realities Radio: Robin and Julie are pleased to welcome Neil Brown Jr. to the show! Neil has had over 20 film and television appearances, including The Fast and the Furious, Harry’s Law and Never Back Down. He is perhaps best-known for his appearance on AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, as Guillermo, and as LCpl. Guerrero in Battle: Los Angeles.

Link: Altered Realities Radio