Tony Todd Relays Battle Tips

Brad Fulton Portrait

Few Zombie Survival Crew Commanders can tell it like Yellow Brigade First Lieutenant Tony Todd.

On a recent foray into the Atlanta area, Commander Todd took time out from battle to deliver a PSA chock full of zombie killing tips. Pay close attention troops, Tony has come face-to-face with the shambling hordes and he knows exactly what it takes to survive.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an uncontrollable craving for candy I need to address….



Michael Kenworthy calls up the ZSC

Don’t let the boyish charm fool you. Purple Brigade Second Lieutenant Michael Kenworthy is no slouch when it comes to fighting back the horde. With his finely-honed evasion and clandestine operations skills Michael knows exactly when to make a stand, and when to retire from the field of battle.


A little note of warning though, Michael’s enthusiasm for the disaster preparation efforts of Zombie Survival Crew command might just be contagious.


IronE Calls Out the Green Brigade

Green Brigade Commander, IronE Singleton, took some time out of his busy schedule to bare his feelings (and his chest???) about his beloved brigade. So Green Brigade members are you going to answer his call? Show your pride and leave your commander a message to let him know that YOU are on your toes and READY to face the Zombiepocalypse with him.

Disclaimer: The Zombie Survival Crew is not responsible for the whereabouts of Commander IronE’s shirt and cannot be held accountable for its absence. No shirts were harmed in the filming of this public service announcement.



Ted Raimi Delivers the Terrifying Truth

Brace yourselves Zombie Survival Crew. Light Blue Brigade First Lieutenant Ted Raimi knows what it means to battle the undead and will mince no words when addressing the Zombie Survival Crew troops.

Now, some might find Commander Raimi’s warning a bit chilling. But the bald truth is that this commander is demonstrating true leadership with a no-holds-barred assessment of the threats we’re all preparing to face.

Jinxie G vs. the UGA

Upon returning from Chicago, Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G not only got stuck in Chicago’s O’Hare airport, but it seems that the UGA may have been behind it. After dodging, ducking, and turning corners to get away from them, she’s made it back to her hometown, but not without consequences.

Here, she’s checking in to let us know she’s okay, but it’s clear that the UGA is more present now than ever.

And just like Jinxie says, that means the zombiepocalypse is ever closer.

Anthony Michael Hall demonstrates battle readiness

On a recent foray into Chicago to recruit new members Zombie Survival Crew commanders encountered zombies, bore witness to the dangers of mob mentality and field-tested our general battle readiness.

Purple Brigade First Lieutenant Anthony Michael Hall demonstrated courage under fire, calmly delivering the following PSA from within the madness.

Addy Miller asks a favor

The Zombie Survival Crew celebrates the diversity of its troops, boasting members from every walk of life, of all ages, political outlooks, religions and races, in fourteen countries. We even, upon the boss lady’s insistence, have not instituted a “no zombie” policy.


We do, of course, keep a watchful eye on the walkers in our midst but this PSA from Yellow Brigade Second Lieutenant Addy Miller has Command considering letting down our collective guard…just a little.


PSA on Trust

Some of you might have noticed that Commander Murphy has been a little quieter than usual lately. In the below video, you’ll see why that is. We kept her missing status quiet because we didn’t want the UGA to hear any rumblings in case they weren’t behind her disappearance. She will brief you on her full experience at a later time, but for now, please listen to her words of advice.


A special thanks to Commander Murphy for bravely sharing what happens when you trust the wrong informant. We love you, RC.

Be safe, guys.