A Reminder from Jon Bernthal

While the bulk of command has gathered in Chicago to strategize on next steps for the Zombie Survival Crew in the face of the increasing incident reports, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of our focus. Especially since we not only have the enemy without, we also have the enemy within as evidenced by last week’s appropriated video. You don’t want to be caught in an Zombiepocalypse without your brigade!!

Actor Jon Bernthal expresses why we have gathered forces..

Command Under Attack

From the Commander-in-Chief

Priority Status: HIGH

Over the last several weeks we at Zombie Survival Crew command have been gathering, sorting and assessing zombie infiltration threats from ZSC loyalists and Commanders around the U.S. and the world.

There have been reports of zombie activity in Vermont, Texas and Illinois.

Confirmed sightings in Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as in Bulgaria and the U.K.

Our bottom line assessment is that the time to act is quickly approaching. With that in mind we prepared the following emergency dispatch PSA to alert Zombie Survival Crew members to the growing danger. But as you’ll see, our communications have been intercepted…several channels compromised. We believe we know who is behind the attack.

Zombie Survival Crew Command urges all members to make personal contact with Command at every opportunity. For those around Chicago next weekend, several senior ZSC commanders including myself, Jinxie G, Anthony Guajardo, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, David Della Rocco and Addy Miller, will be making appearances at the Wizard World Comicon. If you can beat the horde, please visit the official temporary Zombie Survival Crew command post at the event for a debriefing.

For those of you who are not – we hope you will be able to make personal contact over the coming months and rest assured The Oracle is working purple brigade magic to reestablish secure communications.

Stay tuned ZSC cadres…the danger level is rising.


Zombie # 1

Suffice it to say, Spooky Empire’s May-Hem was chalk-full of strangeness for your ZSC commanders. Juliette covered some of it in her debriefing after the event. However while scouring her files for something we came across this, footage of actor Bill Hinzman.



That name not ring a bell? Then you haven’t been doing your research. Mr. Hinzman was the first zombie on screen in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. So… why was Juliette talking to a potentially compromised person? We aren’t sure, but he was nice enough to film this clip for us.

Command considers Bill Hinzman a friendly and we thank him for not munching on our fearless leader.

PSA on Trust

Some of you might have noticed that Commander Murphy has been a little quieter than usual lately. In the below video, you’ll see why that is. We kept her missing status quiet because we didn’t want the UGA to hear any rumblings in case they weren’t behind her disappearance. She will brief you on her full experience at a later time, but for now, please listen to her words of advice.


A special thanks to Commander Murphy for bravely sharing what happens when you trust the wrong informant. We love you, RC.

Be safe, guys.

Neil Brown Jr. Cares…

While in Dallas, we completed a few Super Secret, can’t-tell-anyone, not-even-your-mother missions. And, wouldn’t you know it, we’ve finally be given permission to release one of the major pieces of business conducted that weekend.

Take a moment to sit and listen to Red Brigade’s First Lieutenant, Neil Brown Jr, as he dispenses a very, very important tip for you, the Zombie Survival CrewTM faithful.



Words of Advice from Anthony Guajardo

Normally we hate to give any sort of warnings or content advisories on the site. However, we have to make an exception for the following PSA. This video was shot in the midst of the Dallas Comic Con insanity, and I think you can tell that Light Blue Brigade commander Anthony Guajardo was feeling the effects of a hectic weekend. We all promptly felt it after he finished recording. (If you ask Juliette nicely enough, she will show you the video captured after…)

So here’s your warning: Put Down Your Drinks. Do not take a bite of your mid-afternoon snack. And for goodness sake, sit down before clicking play! The Zombie Survival Crew is not responsible for any injuries or water damage to keyboards resulting from viewing this video.


Welcome to First Lieutenant James Gonzaba

Priority Status: High

Our latest Command mission to assess the battle-readiness of Dallas, Texas has brought another experienced zombie slayer into the command structure.

Zombie Survival Crew Command is delighted to welcome our latest First Lieutenant:

James Gonzaba

Some ZSC members may not immediately recognize this vato –who was decked out on The Walking Dead with bandanas, baseball bats and pistols to battle walkers. The fact that James participated in the on-screen beat down of Blue Brigade Commander Norman “Daryl Dixon” Reedus? Command has decided to let that slide.

Check out James’ exclusive message to ZSC members –and raise your weapons for a new command member!


Jon Bernthal delivers a ZSC Message

On a recent foray out of ZSC Command to secure resupply of vital commodities for the zombiepocalypse, I stopped off at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on a quick reconnaissance mission for new recruits. You can check out the visual evidence of the ZSC mission here.

I encountered zombies and ghosts, and spent a significant amount of time being chased by a masked man with a knife I later learned goes by the name Michael Myers. I will shortly share more details of the Monster Mania mission but wanted to relay the results of one meeting in particular right away.

Actor Jon Bernthal opted to take the opportunity to express his concerns as a citizen for a possible impending zombie invasion and deliver a message of support for the Zombie Survival Crew.